General Rubbish Clearance

General Rubbish Clearance

Taking care of rubbish and waste can feel like a perpetual problem. While the local authority provides a basic household waste and recycling service, sometimes we may have more rubbish to dispose of than the waste collection service can take care of.

If we’re renovating our home, clearing out an old property, sorting out an overgrown garden or clearing out the attic or shed, then we can generate lots of waste that needs dealing with.

Taking it to the local tip or recycling centre in your own vehicle can be labour intensive and you may need to make several trips. Most people have better things to do at the weekend than sit in the queue at the local tip.

If you’ve more rubbish or general waste than you know what to do with, general rubbish clearance can help.

Get on top of your rubbish

General rubbish clearance is a straightforward service that allows you to get on top of your rubbish problem. Whether you’ve been clearing a house, renovating a room, or have just amassed lots of unwanted items that it’s time to pare down, then we can help.

We visit your home, office, industrial unit, or any other site and safely remove any waste. We are fully licensed, giving you complete peace of mind in the knowledge that all your waste will be properly disposed of.

We will ensure that any items that can be recycled or repurposed are properly taken care of and that any rubbish is disposed of in a safe and legal manner. We have particular expertise when it comes to helping people with hoarding issues or their loved ones and taking care of some of the excess goods and rubbish that they may have hoarded.

Whether you’ve been clearing out the garage, are moving house and want to downsize your belongings, emptying the loft or are sorting out an overgrown garden, then we can help.

A trusted general house clearance service

If you’re dealing with a property of a recently deceased person you may require a general house clearance. The same applies if you are a landlord or have recently purchased a property. A house clearance service saves you considerable time and hassle, as well as the cost of disposal. When you hire a professional clearance service everything is taken care of for you.

Whether you require a complete house clearance service or would just like some bulky waste or particular items removed, then we can help. General house clearance and rubbish removal services can take the stress and hassle out of disposing of your rubbish.

Choose Dagenham Waste Removal for general rubbish clearance

At Dagenham Waste Removal we make it simple to take care of your rubbish. Booking is easy, and an hour before we arrive we’ll give you a call and a free no-obligation estimate. This includes transportation, labour and dumping fees. We only charge you for the space you fill and there are no hidden costs.

Call us on 020 8185 0511 or contact us online to book your collection at the best time for you. Booking is done in two-hour slots.

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