Bed And Mattress Removal

Why would you need a bed removal service?

People need sleep to survive, and they spend roughly a third of their life asleep. A good bed is just as important to a healthy lifestyle as diet and exercise. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and mattresses can need replacing as often as every 8 years. Bed frames also require changing periodically, as they get older, and are subject to wear and tear. Mattresses are one of the most difficult items to remove in the house hold, and old mattress removal can also require a larger vehicle.

How do I remove my bed and mattress?

The biggest issue with removing an old mattress, is that it doesn’t easily fold, roll, or bend to fit in most standard cars. If you have, or can get access to, a van or pickup truck, it will be easier to transport. The only issue you may have at this point, is if you take it to the local tip, they may not permit the vehicle entry. The local recycling centres are only for domestic removal, and some won’t allow vans as they are classed as commercial vehicles.

Where can I get rid of my bed and mattress?

In some rare instances, you could donate them or sell them second hand, this could help get rid of mattresses. Most people are not comfortable with using a second-hand mattress, so it could be hard to shift. The bed frame however, could be sold, or given away, as long it is in good working order. Most people get rid of mattresses and beds at the local tip as it is quicker and more convenient.

Mattress recycling

The bigger concern when you remove your mattress from the home, is that the recycling centre you take it to doesn’t have the means to properly recycle the mattress. Leading to it going to landfill, which is bad for the environment. Using a mattress removal service means the mattress will go to the right place, where up to 95% of the materials can be reclaimed and recycled.

Bed frame removal

Not all bed frames and divan beds are made the same. Sizes and materials differ depending on the brand. There will be metal fastenings, solid wood planks, MDF board, and different fabrics used. Some bed frames may not be as easier to recycle due to the wood composition, leading to more ending up in landfill. Which is why it is crucial to get a bed frame removal service that focuses on proper disposal.

How much does bed and mattress removal cost?

The way prices are calculated with Romford Waste Removal, depend on the volume your waste takes up in the lorry. Which allows for more accurate, and fair pricing. There won’t ever be hidden charges based on what type of waste you need help with.

Why should you use Romford Waste Removal?

Romford Waste Removal put their main focus on themselves to be trustworthy and professional. Whenever you need someone for bed and mattress removal, they work around you to make it as convenient for you as possible. Contact us for a quote. Why wait? Contact us today!


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