Hoarder House Clearance

Hoarder House Clearance

In recent years, hoarding has become quite a common problem for many people, affecting their personal and professional life. In most cases, you notice it when things have piled up.

But, cleaning up such a pile can be rather intimidating and time-consuming. This is where our house clearance services can help.

What Is Hoarding? How Do You Recognize a Hoarder?

Hoarding was recognized as a mental condition in 2013. The condition aggravates in secret, usually going unnoticed until it gets out of control. Hoarding is typically an indication of a more serious psychological issue, indicating that some stressful factors, such as the passing of a loved one, are impacting someone’s mental health.

Hoarders are not easy to recognize because there’s no obvious manifestation. We can be hoarders and not even know it. However, the biggest sign of a hoarder is that they have an extremely hard time getting rid of old, unnecessary stuff and the thought of doing so constantly annoys them. This is because they often have a deep emotional attachment to their stuff

Why May This Potentially Become an Issue and Require House Clearance?

To be honest, there’s a hoarder in every one of us. At times, we all have been reluctant to throw away obsolete items that often are associated with cherished memories or have been handy in the past.

But, when it goes to the extreme, it can be a major fire hazard and impact our mental health, induce stress, and cause a lot of discomfort for other people sharing that space. Needless to say, such a pile of stuff is a great place for germs, bacteria, and microbes to grow in, leading to diseases and infections.

Why Does Tackling Hoarder House Clearance Need to Be Done With Respect and Dignity?

What we have to understand about hoarding is that it is a deeply personal subject, and you need a group of professionals to help clear the space. Hoarding can adversely affect people’s lives and even lead to dangerous situations.

The majority of hoarders (and, in fact, their families) are hesitant to get help because they are afraid or embarrassed to discuss their condition. Therefore, it’s critical to approach the situation delicately and realise that hoarding—not the individual—is the issue.

This can only be done by hoarding house clearance experts who have the knowledge and experience in dealing with different situations. They understand hoarders and know how to delicately approach the work.

How Can Dagenham Waste Help With Hoarder House Clearance?

As said before, you need a team of professionals who understand your situation. We at Dagenham have extensive experience in providing hoarding house clearance services without any discomfort to the individual.

You just need to contact us and let us find the right time slot for you. We’ll then offer you a free price estimate based on labour, transportation, and dumping fees.

Once you confirm, you can rest assured as our team will come, clean, and take away all the clutter in your house.

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